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Join a NEID Giving Circle, donate internationally as a community, make a difference together, and address the world's big problems together.

NEID is a peer-to-peer learning network of passionate and dedicated global philanthropists. Since 2017 we have been running internationally focused Giving Circles and they have rapidly become very popular among our members because they offer intimate but deep learning environments. The themes vary every year and each Circle includes 5-6 sessions. The members of the Circle are led by a Chair who has some expertise on the issue, but all Circle members determine the direction of the learning that takes place.

In 2021, NEID will be facilitating two Giving Circles focused on Racial Justice and Addressing Inequality Globally and Climate Change & Clean Water. Join a Circle to be part of the conversation and explore the past grantees and causes we've supported through NEID Circles below.

NEID Giving Circles

Global Philanthropy: A Lever for Racial Justice. How can philanthropy be a force for change and an instrument for racial justice?

Join this Circle and better understand local dynamics of power and inequality, become more proximal to the issues you seek to support, and develop local partnerships and authentic relationships of trust to ensure sustainable impact.

Clean Water and Climate Change

This Giving Circle seeks to better understand the gaps in this space and how donors can make a strategic difference by focusing on SDG 6.

2020 NEID Climate Justice Giving Circle Grantees

Amrita Bhoomi Agroecology School

Chamarajanagar, India IN

The centre has the sole objective of building a new paradigm centred on diversity in Biological agriculture,Food industry, Medicine and Education-Prof.MDN

Indigenous Environmental Network

Bemidji, MN

IEN is an alliance of Indigenous peoples whose mission it is to protect the sacredness of Earth Mother from contamination and exploitation by strengthening, maintaining and respecting Indigenous teachings and natural laws.

EarthSpark International

Washington, DC

​EarthSpark is a non-profit working as an incubator for clean energy enterprises that can deliver sustainable energy services.

EarthSpark's mission: eradicate energy poverty. Our method: do the research and development on business mode

La Via Campesina

Eastlea, Harare ZW

Founded in 1986, LVC is an autonomous, pluralist international movement made up of over 200 million peasants, small-scale farmers, landless peoples, farmworkers, Indigenous Peoples, and other food producers in over 70 countries around the w... 


Oakland, CA

The CLIMA Fund is a pathway for funders to directly support Indigenous, women, and youth-led work building climate resilience and mitigating climate chaos.

2020 NEID Women’s Empowerment: Maternal and Reproductive Health Giving Circle Grantees


New Delhi, India IN

To work with the urban poor to bring about long-term and sustainable transformation to their quality of life. Through a practical expression of the Christian values of faith, hope and love, we aim to provide holistic community-based healthc... 

Barakat Bundle

Newton Upper Falls, MA

Work with local communities to create life-saving care and education bundles for mothers and newborns in need.

Mali Health

Durham, NC

We reduce maternal & child mortality in resource-poor communities in West Africa through strengthening the health system.

Oda Foundation

Summit, NJ

The Oda Foundation, based in Kalikot, Nepal focuses on fostering community empowerment through education and health services.

The Okoa Project

Boston, MA

Our goal: connecting people to the medical care they need through utilizing community knowledge to create context-specific solutions.

2019 NEID Climate and Health Giving Circle Grantees

The NEID Climate and Health Giving Circle spent its meetings learning about the intersection between climate and health and mainly discovered that while there are quite a few organizations and funders working at this intersection, few are aware of it. In addition, key interlocutors (doctors, teachers for example) are not educating the general public about the linkages. At the same time communication experts have found that people are more likely to change their attitudes and behavior with respect to climate change when health outcomes are linked to climate. The members of the Circle focused on this disconnect and explored ways to improve communication and education about climate and health. They ultimately made grants that in very different ways seek to address this gap. The three grants they chose included Gardens for Health, The Ground Truth Project and Community Environmental Monitor.

Gardens for Health

Cambridge, MA

Gardens for Health International provides lasting agricultural solutions to chronic malnutrition.

The majority of the world’s poor are farmers, yet millions are malnourished. In Rwanda, this disconnect between agriculture and nutrition i

The GroundTruth Project

Brighton, MA

THE GROUNDTRUTH PROJECT is an award-winning, independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit news organization dedicated to supporting the next generation of journalists in the U.S. and around the world.

Our mission is to restore journalism from the

Community Environmental Monitors

Besant Nagar, Chennai IN

The Healthy Energy Initiative in India is coordinated by Community Environmental Monitoring (CEM), a program of The Other Media. Particulate matter from high pollution is exacerbating climate change and the increased temperatures and pollu... 

2019 NEID Refugee Giving Circle Grantees

The NEID Refugee Circle was originally particularly interested in understanding refugee situations at border regions close to Europe and the US (Greece, Turkey, Mexico/Central America) and then began to focus - in the course of their learning journey - on both the plight of refugees in urban centers (as opposed to camps) and the urgent need to support refugee self-reliance in these settings. They also explored how refugees are currently supported here in the United States. The four grants this Circle’s members made were all designed to support refugee self-reliance in urban settings, but geographically included two US based organizations (working to provide refugees both job training and acculturation) and two international ones (working in Turkey with Syrian refugees and working in Uganda with Congolese refugees – in both cases supporting adoption of different types of work skills) The organizations receiving the grants include: Refugee Protection International, YARID, Beautiful Day and New England Arab American Organization.

Refugee Protection International

Belmont, MA

RPI’s mission is to partner with local NGOs and duty bearers to strengthen protection and self-reliance among urban refugees and internally displaced persons near conflict zones through interventions including, but not limited to, innovativ... 

Beautiful Day

Providence, RI

Beautiful Day builds onramps to employment and economic self-sufficiency for refugees through business innovation. By aligning a need for job-training with consumer demand for socially conscious products, we are developing practical, effici... 

New England Arab American Organization

Portland, ME

We are an energetic group of first generation immigrants who are passionate about advocating for our mission and vision. Our experience as immigrants puts us at an advantage as we understand the integration and inclusion challenges new immi... 


For over 10 years NEID has been creating community among internationally focused donors across New England. Our mission is to convene and empower donors to help address the world’s big problems. Through strategic networking, educational opportunities, and information sharing we aim to spark donor action and collaboration. By coming together to share knowledge and experience, we become increasingly generous and committed philanthropists for global social change.


Empowerment, partnership, empathy, humility, intellectual rigor, justice, effectiveness, and transformative social change.

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