Donation Gift Cards

Give the gift of a donation to any of the 1.1M U.S. Nonprofits

Gift employees, customers, partners, and family members with donation gift cards.

What it is

A donation gift card allows the recipient to choose which nonprofit, cause, or giving community they’d like to support.

How it works

Submit your request for one donation gift card (or as many as you want). We can email the gift card(s) to the recipient on your behalf—we can give you the gift card code(s) to email on your own or we can provide you with a printed gift card that you can deliver to the recipient. Once in their possession, the gift card(s) can be used to make donations to any of the 1.1M U.S. based nonprofits.

Why it’s a great gift

Gift cards can be used as a reward, anniversary gift, birthday present, or to say thanks to special customers. Show them that when it comes to giving back, you’ve got their back!