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Creating community is the strategic practice of bringing people together with a common goal, mission, and/or purpose in an effort to create something impactful and long-lasting. Whether you are coming together virtually, in-person, or in a hybrid fashion - the ways in which you come together and the activities you do are important parts of your groups longevity.

Here you will find our guide to planning events and activities that are sure to help you create community!

Recruiting people to join your group can be a challenge, but the clearer your mission is the easier it will be. Here we provide tips on how to leverage social media to recruit members for your group , leverage your network, and promote community

Determining which organization to give to can be a difficult task, even when your group is cause-focused. While defining your group's purpose, mission, and goals helps to narrow down your choices, value setting ensures that the causes and organizations you give to are aligned with your group’s vision and intended impact.

Here you will find all of our demos on how to navigate different area of our site including updating your payment, sending messages to your circle, navigating the donation cycle admin - and many more!

Check out our community guidelines to make sure that you're participating in our community in the best possible way.

In recruiting new donors and retaining members of your grapevine it is important to amplify your group’s story and the story of those whom you donate to and support. Social media is your biggest asset! Check out this toolkit with suggested captions, hashtags, and tips to drive engagement.

Grapevine regularly hosts events for Grapevine leaders. These events provide an opportunity for leaders to learn from each other, get updates from Grapevine and more. Check out our upcoming events and consider participating in one.

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