Gather People.
Do Good.

Grapevine lets you bring friends together to donate to a shared pool, then decide which nonprofits to give the money to.

100+ Women Who Care in Miami Beach supports local nonprofits in Miami-Dade County

100+ Women Who Care in Miami Beach supports local nonprofits in Miami-Dade County

photo by Magda Hernandez

Commit to do something good.
Commit to do something good.
Commit to do something good.

Commit to do something good.

What if you made a commitment to give back regularly and intentionally? What if you brought friends, colleagues, coworkers and others along with you? Your commitment could help make a real difference for the nonprofits in your community and the causes you care about.

Simple, Free & Easy to setup

How do Grapevines work?

A Grapevine is a community that comes together with the common goal of giving. Whether you’re a small group of friends, a block of close-knit neighbors, or a team of professionals rallying around a cause, Grapevine is your philanthropic home for giving back.

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Create your Group

Determine a location or cause area that you’d like to focus on, then set up your page on Grapevine.

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Invite your Community

Use Grapevine’s easy invitations to get your friends, colleagues, family or neighbors to join your group.

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Raise & Send Funds

Get everyone to contribute funds to your shared pool then collectively decide which nonprofits should receive the funds.

Grapevine tools for leaders

Tools built for leaders

A simple way to amplify your impact!

Pool your donations as a group to make a much bigger impact. When you add your $25 donation alongside 40 others your impact multiplies to a $1,000 gift for a nonprofit.


Give in one place...
bring your community together in one spot to give.


Get tax receipts instantly...
Immediately after a donation is made, a tax receipt is sent.


Communicate with members...
on a single platform and easily share across all your other social channels


Get matching funds...
from Grapevine to motivate donors and grow your group.

Avoid the headspin and hassle!

Focus on what you love: helping nonprofits!

Forget about...

  1. Managing spreadsheets
  2. Chasing and holding checks
  3. Sending and tracking money to nonprofits
  4. Communicating by email, phone, and text
  5. Making sure people get tax receipts
  6. Creating social media posts on multiple platforms

The best part about Grapevine is that it’s so easy. It was easy for me to set up, it’s easy for members to sign up and donate, once it’s set up it needs very little work.”

Bridget Taylor-Conway

Leader, Black Trans Lives Thrive

We’re one of the first ‘casual’ giving groups, and I want there to be a lot more of them. You can be a beginner and still get started on Grapevine.”

James Do

Leader, Bowery Alumni

Amplify your giving

Total impact!

After launching Grapevine groups at the onset of a global pandemic, the Grapevine community has come together to make a meaningful difference for nonprofits around the country.

Learn how you can have an impact

Total Donations


“What keeps us going is seeing what your donation has done, and our group helps us stay in touch with the people who’ve received scholarships.”

Ronald Grijalva

Luna Scholarship Fund

Grapevine Group Members


“We’re up to 52 members and have already written checks to three charities, all without any marketing.”

Lessa Sluder & Kerry Keihn

100+ Women Who Care Asheville

Nonprofits Supported


“One of the best parts for me is learning about all of these local nonprofits that I had never heard of because they don’t have any marketing budgets.”

Anyone can Easily get started

Invite 5 founding members & we’ll help you grow.

Grapevine Team photo

The Grapevine Team is here to help you grow your group!

Anyone can Easily get started

Invite 5 founding members & we’ll help you grow.

Starting a group may seem daunting, but you already know the 5 founding members you need to be successful. Who do you need on your side? Well, we can help you with that!

5 People You Need to Start Your Group reveals the right people for your launch. Discover who to ask, why you need them, and how to build a circle that lasts.

The Giving Circle Model

Grapevine is based on the idea that when people pool their resources together, they make the world a better place. But we didn’t invent this concept—you may know it as a Giving Circle, a Funder Collaborative, or a Fundraising Circle. Whatever you call it, Grapevine is built for you.

Why Grapevine is great for Giving Circles

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