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Helping women leaders in Virginia beach build connections, while doing good for the greater community.

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Savannah Professional Women for Good

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Birmingham Women for Good

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Plano Women for Good

Benefits of Joining

Build New Connections
Meet like-minded people and expand your social and professional network.

Grow Your Influence
You’ll have a direct say in where our pooled funds go and which causes we support.

Amplify Your Impact for Good
With just 100 members donating $50, that’s $5,000 going to a deserving charity each quarter.

Plano Women for Good

Plano Women for Good

Kim Vakos

Why I joined... “I am very pleased to have found this Grapevine group for our community. I feel it will be a very special and satisfying way to become more involved in giving to our community. I am a business woman and health coach and am always looking for ways to improve and help people in becoming their best.”

Kim Vakos - I empower women to live in their best health.

Monique Harps

Why I joined... “I believe in leading the way with irrational generosity and this opportunity aligns perfectly. It is also a great way to get my friends, family and real estate clients involved in giving throughout the year.”

Monique Harps - Leading the way with irrational generosity!

JayDee Harper

Why I joined... “I have a passion for the concerns and cares of women. I believe we are stronger together than as individuals and wherever and whenever I have an opportunity to encourage, esteem, support, uplift another woman, I am there. I know it is a part of my purpose.”

JayDee Harper - Renaissance Woman and Founder of Everyday Woman Empowerment

Brianna Qureshi

Why I joined... “I joined this group because I care about people and I want to be able to help. I also enjoy having a network of women who support women. My business is founded upon the ideas of self love and empowerment and I feel that this group would have like minded women and hopefully we can enjoy our time together as we help the community!”

Brianna Qureshi - Master esthetician looking to help our community

Audria Rodriguez

Why I joined... “VBWG mission statement aligns with my personal and professional goals and values. My greatest happiness has always come from seizing opportunity. I would like to do my part within our community and show up.”

Audria Rodriguez - The simple act of showing up can make you successful. Together, May we creat a culture of co-create action.

Taylor Pilcher

Why I joined... “Building a sense of community, seeking likeminded and empowered women to build and contribute good to our community!”

Taylor Pilcher - Member since July, 2023

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Supported nonprofits

By giving, we are helping these nonprofits address critical needs, implement transformative programs, and create a brighter future for individuals and communities in need.

Naperville Professional Women for Good

Naperville Professional Women for Good

Metro Atlanta Women in Business for Good

Metro Atlanta Women in Business for Good

100 Women Who Care Maui

100 Women Who Care Maui

Fayetteville Women for Good

Fayetteville Women for Good

How it works

Grow your network, enrich your personal life, and make a bigger impact on nonprofits in your local area.


Join & Donate
Join our group’s online home and contribute a quarterly donation of $50 into our communal fund.


Nominate & Discover
Nominate a nonprofit you’re passionate about or discover nonprofits through the nominations of others, and learn about great organizations doing good work.


Vote & See the Impact
Vote for the deserving charity from 3 finalists and experience the profound effect of collective giving as the chosen charity receives our substantial pooled donation, and former recipients share updates on how your funds are being used in the community.


Connect & Grow
Attend quarterly Gather & Grant events to learn about the nominated nonprofits and network with dynamic group of like-minded people, expanding your social and professional networks while doing good.

Have questions? Learn more at our upcoming event

This Wednesday at 10:00 PM UTC and Friday at 4:00 PM UTC we'll host an open office hour for prospective members to learn about the group and ask questions.

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Our upcoming events

Joining this group and attending upcoming events will expand your network and give you opportunities to engage with like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions.


Grapevine Member Mixer
Join our monthly Member Mixer to connect with Giving Circle members across the entire country


Coffee Chats
Get introduced directly to other members for 1-1 connections in person or via video call.

Virginia Beach Women for Good

Amplify your giving

Total Impact

We come together each quarter to network, donate, learn about local nonprofits, vote on which ones to support, and work to have a collective impact on our community.

Member quarterly donation


“I am interested to see what the possibilities are with this group. My work as a Mental Health Therapist deals with helping people overcome life's trials and tribulations. The blessing is in experiencing people grow and ...

Michael S Brown
Michael S Brown

Mental Health Therapist in Private Practice

Community members


“I moved to Virginia Beach last year and work full time remote from home, so I’m finding it difficult to meet people and connect with the community. I’d love to meet local professional women who are interested in making ...

Rebekah Gleaves Sanderlin
Rebekah Gleaves Sanderlin

Writer & Marketer interested in making a local impact

Given to nonprofits


“My name is Jasmine White. I am a full-time business owner & full-time mommy of twin 2 year old boys. I currently live in Churchland, Virginia. I am the owner and operator of Gleam House Cleaning Services. I love encoura...

Jasmine White
Jasmine White


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