About Us

The Story of Grapevine

In 2018 Emily Rasmussen was looking to bring together her experience in microfinance, fundraising, and development to help nonprofits. She teamed up with Jessan-Hutchinson Quillian who had co-founded Google’s Giving Week, lead their giving platform, and launch their Donate button. They quickly brought on Chloe Moon, who had done frontend development for Google's donation platform and the Google for Nonprofits program. A few months later they had launched the first version of Grapevine, a platform that helped everyday philanthropists get expert advice on the nonprofits that matched their passion. Fast forward a bit, Grapevine started providing recommendations for the Giving Circle Vocal Minority.

The Grapevine team quickly realized that Giving Circles like Vocal minority were jumping through hoops to pool their donations, communicate with members, provide tax-deductable donation receipts and more. In 2019, Grapevine launched a beta of a new platform that would address all these challenges and allow collective giving groups to get set up and start collecting donations in minutes. Today, Grapevine is helping hundreds of groups around the country direct funds to thousands of nonprofits.

Our Team