Join Black History Month, Every Month

Celebrate Black History Month by committing to give back every month. Come together with a network of racial justice supporters across the country to learn about and support nonprofits that are Black-led and supporting Black communities. By joining our giving circle, you will come together with our group members each month to network, learn, and donate together.

Aaron Goggans

“I think that our movements against white supremacy are dangerously underfunded. I want to meet other people interested in funding such movements and see how we can support aligned movement organizations getting to the scale this moment needs them to be at.”

Aaron Goggans, Black History Month, Every Month


“I'm passionate about change. I see so many groups of people that have been dealing with the same injustices for so many years, it's disgusting, it's draining. Change is necessary.”

Javonne Faison, Black History Month, Every Month

Karine (KJ) Williams

“I believe that engaging in community is critical to my individual development and effectively achieving systemic change. Being in community is an intentional decision I am making. I recognize that with community comes diversity in all of its forms. I am here for it. Sometimes things are hard in community and harm is caused - I am here for the healing. I want to give and be intentional in my giving. I want to know that whatever I am able to give is being sown in good ground. I believe in what grapevine is facilitating and that's why I have joined.”

Karine (KJ) Williams, Black History Month, Every Month

Junior Bernadin

“I enjoy using my sphere of influence to help promote change. Together, we can move mountains when it comes to true social impact and change.”

Junior Bernadin, Black History Month, Every Month


“I believe in racial equity and eliminating structural racism. In order to do this we must build our own financial freedom within our communities, organizations, and in our own personal lives.”

Toi Sing Woo, Black History Month, Every Month

Keith Evans

“I love the idea of coming together with a network of racial justice supporters across the country to learn about and support nonprofits that are Black-led and supporting Black communities.”

Keith Evans, Black History Month, Every Month

Connecting 130+ Community Leaders

Terrence Moline
Founding Member

Terrence Moline

Founder + Head Listener at African American Graphic Designers

Arts & Culture
Community Building
Tedria Hampton

Tedria Hampton

Sr. Manager at Humanity United

Arts & Culture
Joshua R. Devine, CEcD
Founding Member

Joshua R. Devine, CEcD

Director, Racial Economic Equity at National Community Reinvestment Coalition

Economic Empowerment
Civic Engagement

Amplify your giving

Potential impact!

Black History Month, Every Month members will make quarterly donations and decide together how to direct the funds. Collectively we can have a larger impact on our community.

Member quarterly donation


“I would love to be a part of a group of women doing good by supporting initiatives that are creating positive ripples!”

Laura West

Virginia Beach Women for Good

Community members


“I love to make a difference and LOVE to network with beautiful, strong, smart women!”

Alicia Adams

Shreveport Women for Good

Yearly giving to nonprofits


“I believe in empowering women in business and in giving back to the community. Being aligned with both of these, collectively, feels like a perfect fit.”

Chloe DiVita

Denver Women in Business for Good

Black History Month, Every Month

Join the movement

Benefits of Joining

Network with a community of racial justice supporters committed to the same cause while learning about local nonprofits. Make a commitment to give back.


Connect with Local Leaders
Meet and make meaningful connections with other community leaders who care about making a difference.


Message with Community Members
Build a network of likeminded community members across the country.


Nominate & Support Local Nonprofits
Make a bigger difference in your community by nominating and supporting a local nonprofit using pooled donations.


Socialize & Vote at Your Group’s Events
Come together at events to socialize, discover and vote on nonprofits, and make a bigger difference together.

Have questions? Learn more at our upcoming event

This Friday at 12:00 PM we’ll host an open office hour for prospective members to learn about the group and ask questions.

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A new era of philanthropy

The collective giving movement is now featured in a new TED Talk from the 2022 Conference! Sara Lomelin, our partner and CEO of Philanthropy Together, talks about the transformative power of giving circles and how you can join the movement to diversify and democratize philanthropy.

Watch it now and check out the top five moments that inspired us.

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