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Helping Cleveland women in business build connections, while doing good for the greater community.

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Savannah Professional Women for Good

Savannah Professional Women for Good

Birmingham Women for Good

Birmingham Women for Good

Plano Women for Good

Plano Women for Good

Benefits of Joining

Build New Connections
Meet like-minded people and expand your social and professional network.

Grow Your Influence
You’ll have a direct say in where our pooled funds go and which causes we support.

Amplify Your Impact for Good
With just 100 members donating $100, that’s $10,000 going to a deserving charity each quarter.

Plano Women for Good

Plano Women for Good

Peggy Alley

Why I joined... “To join other women in business to help and support our area needs. To be a part of an organization that supports charities”

Peggy Alley - Branch Manager at Ruoff Mortgage

Julia Gramenz

Why I joined... “Hey ladies! I am a travel addict, mom of 2, former special education teacher and social worker , and entrepreneur with ADHD. I am new to the real estate investing world, and have recently joined Greenly Mortage as a loan officer. I am passionate about helping people build their wealth through real estate, specifically empowering and guiding individuals to become homeowners and reduce the wealth gap.”

Julia Gramenz - Helping you grow wealth through real estate.

Marcy Robbins

Why I joined... “Giving back is part of our business culture. I want to be part of a group of professional women who are interested in giving back.”

Marcy Robbins - Member since December, 2023

Hallie Crouch

Why I joined... “I just learned that giving circles existed and I'm taken with the idea! I'd love to contribute to a larger network and uplift nonprofits and communities together.”

Hallie Crouch - Strategist in Architecture + Design

Mandie Kijinski

Why I joined... “I grew up in the Cleveland area and graduated from Elyria High School and THE Ohio State University. I lived in Chicago for a little over 10 years working in advertising. I recently moved back to Cleveland with my husband and two children. As a woman in business and leadership , I understand how important role models, education, mentorship and financial independence can be in building a strong personal foundation. I joined to meet like-minded women, mentorship, mentees, networking, philanthropy and also to meet women who are currently looking to establish themselves in their career and persona...”

Mandie Kijinski - Member since June, 2023

Manda Mance-Wilkinson

Why I joined... “Thank you for creating this opportunity. Seeing so many women of influence come together to make change is inspiring. It is my desire to give back to our community and to build relationships with other women of industry looking to do the same. When we come together to influence change our impact grows exponentially. I am grateful to be a part of this community and contributing to the organizations that we support. Thank you for your part in giving back. I look forward to meeting you all soon.”

Manda Mance-Wilkinson - Guiding Others to Discover Self, Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Live Resiliently

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Supported nonprofits

By giving, we are helping these nonprofits address critical needs, implement transformative programs, and create a brighter future for individuals and communities in need.

Naperville Professional Women for Good

Naperville Professional Women for Good

Metro Atlanta Women in Business for Good

Metro Atlanta Women in Business for Good

100 Women Who Care Maui

100 Women Who Care Maui

Fayetteville Women for Good

Fayetteville Women for Good

How it works

Grow your network, enrich your personal life, and make a bigger impact on nonprofits in your local area.


Join & Donate
Join our group’s online home and contribute a quarterly donation of $100 into our communal fund.


Nominate & Discover
Nominate a nonprofit you’re passionate about or discover nonprofits through the nominations of others, and learn about great organizations doing good work.


Vote & See the Impact
Vote for the deserving charity from 3 finalists and experience the profound effect of collective giving as the chosen charity receives our substantial pooled donation, and former recipients share updates on how your funds are being used in the community.


Connect & Grow
Attend quarterly Gather & Grant events to learn about the nominated nonprofits and network with a dynamic group of like-minded people, expanding your social and professional networks while doing good.

Have questions? We've got answers!

Join the Grapevine team this Wednesday at 11:00 PM UTC and Friday at 5:00 PM UTC to learn about the group and ask any questions.

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Amplify your giving

Total Impact

We come together each quarter to network, donate, learn about local nonprofits, vote on which ones to support, and work to have a collective impact on our community.

Member quarterly donation


“I have been looking for a new way to get re-involved in a non-profit and contribute to my community. I also am excited about the ability to network with local business woman.”

Aileen Sexton
Aileen Sexton

Real Estate Attorney in Private Equity

Community members


“After receiving the invitation, I visited the website and learned more about what you can do. I support the cause, and it would be great to be part of such a meaningful group of women that are looking to make an impact....

Tori White
Tori White

Member since May, 2023

Given to nonprofits


“I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and discussing where to put our money to work in our local areas to create a big impact.”

Danielle Zinn
Danielle Zinn

Event planner on a mission to help empower women

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