How to start your Grapevine

It’s simple. Take a group of your friends. Commit to putting some money into a pot on Grapevine. Then decide as a group how to give it away.

Become a Grapevine Leader

Create community through collective giving. Grapevine is the infrastructure partner to the giving circle movement. We are the easiest, fastest way to start and manage a giving circle so you can bring people together and give back to the causes you all care about. Get started and begin to amplify your impact today!

The fastest, easiest way to start a giving circle! Just follow these easy steps to get your giving circle up and running in the same time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

1. Complete your canvas

Fill in the canvas below to determine the structure of your giving circle group. Think about causes you’re passionate about, who you’d like to participate, and how much you’d like everyone to give to outline the structure of your group. Not quite sure? Check out a few popular models for inspiration here.

2. Create your Grapevine

Create your Grapevine account and giving circle for free right here. Remember to use your canvas to guide the setup of your group.

3. Invite other leaders

Do you know someone else in your network who is passionate about making a difference and can recruit other members? Invite them to help you lead your giving circle and jumpstart the group! You can use Grapevine’s simple invitation feature to send them a personalized invitation right from your giving circle page.

4. Put together your pitch

Create a description of your giving circle to use for outreach and recruiting more members. Make sure to personalize it with your personal “why” and share the high level goals and model of your group from your canvas.

5. Invite your community

Share your giving circle and pitch with your community! You can use Grapevine’s simple invitation feature to send them a personalized invitation right from your giving circle page. We recommend sharing your invitation through the channels you already use to communicate with your community as well, like email, social media, text message, phone calls, and even in-person get-togethers.

6. Host your kick-off!

It’s time to get excited about the giving circle! Host an event where you can invite all of the early members (and potential ones too!), explain how the group will work, and answer all of their questions. This is a fun way to connect with each other and get everyone excited about the community you’re creating and the impact you’re all going to have together.

Download our simple guide to start your giving circle here.