How Giving Circles on Grapevine Work

A free platform with no minimum donation requirements that has tools designed specifically for giving circles, Grapevine helps your community grow and succeed.

Getting started on Grapevine

Starting your giving circle on Grapevine takes just a few minutes. Keep your members connected, collect donations, discover nonprofits, share updates, host voting and more.

Everything Your Giving Circle Needs

Create your giving circle on Grapevine in just a few minutes and invite your members to join with a simple click.

Discover expertly curated nonprofits.

Seamlessly collect donations from members through credit card, DAF transfer, and check right on Grapevine.

Share updates and reminders with members, continue connection and discussion following in-person meetings, or host your giving circle entirely online.

Allow members to cast their vote for nonprofits right within your giving circle.

After donations are collected and nonprofits are selected, we'll take care of distributing donations for you.


No need for nonprofit status, Donor Advised Funds, or payment processors. Grapevine can handle everything for you. Already working with a foundation or are you set up as a nonprofit? We can work with any of these existing structures you already have in place as well.

Giving Circles in Action

"Grapevine and its network of grantmakers have been instrumental in connecting our giving circle with high quality nonprofits in line with our values." Chris Chan, Co-founder of VocalMinority

Expert Network

Altaf Rahamatulla
New York, New York
Alexandra Sangmeister
Executive Director and Founder of Marine Watch International
San Francisco, CA
Cole Giannone
Senior Consultant for Youth Homelessness, Office of the Mayor, NYC
New York, NY
Veyom Bahl
Loeb Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Design
New York City, New York
Denis Hayes
CEO of Bullitt Foundation & International Chair of Earth Day 2020
Sarah Needham
Executive Director, Hill Art Foundation
New York, New York