Grapevine Community Guidelines

As a community of people coming together to give back, it’s incredibly important to Grapevine that we’re able to foster a safe, supportive, collaborative, and fun environment for people to do this important work. That’s why we’ve put together some community guidelines for everyone who is leading a group on grapevine, joining a group, donating to a nonprofit, or just browsing.

Our values that have informed our community guidelines for how we want our community to engage:

  • Open
  • Intentional
  • Collaborative
  • Spirited

Respect: Don’t use Grapevine to post any content or anything else that may be interpreted as obscene, libelous, racially or ethnically disparaging, sexually explicit, derogatory, culturally insensitive, or otherwise offensive or objectionable. It is in our discretion to determine what is offensive or objectionable.

Reliable: Only provide information and post content that you know to be true. Don’t provide information that is false, deceitful, misleading, or inaccurate. Don’t impersonate or attempt to impersonate someone else on Grapevine.

Informed: When making a donation on Grapevine, it’s your responsibility to review the nonprofit you’re supporting. You’ll need to make sure you select the correct amount, tip, date, and recurring donation interval. Mistaken donations may not be eligible for a refund.

Spam: Don’t send or post content that constitutes unsolicited or unauthorized invitations, advertisements, or promotional materials through Grapevine, or to members of Grapevine whose contact information you’ve obtained through our services. The contact information of other members should only be used to share updates and information pertaining to the operation of your group.

Legal: Don’t use Grapevine for any illegal or unauthorized purposes, such as to post content that is fraudulent, unlawful, or that violates the intellectual property, privacy, or any other rights of someone else. It’s your responsibility to post only the content that you have the right to post.

Privacy: Don’t post content that includes the personal or private information, image, or likeness of someone else without their consent. Don't use or disclose personal information that you may acquire about another member for commercial, unlawful, or any other purpose.

Security: Don’t try to gain access to the account or computer of one of our users. Don’t post any content that contains viruses, malware, or other code or programs to interrupt, destroy, gain information from, or otherwise attack any computer system, software, hardware, or equipment. Don’t attempt to gain unauthorized access to our computer systems or engage in any activity that disrupts, diminishes the quality, interferes with the performance, or impairs the functionality of our services. Don’t use any automated means such as bots, spiders, or crawlers to download or otherwise obtain data from our services.