Join a Giving Circle to Celebrate Black History Month, All Year Round

Feb 12, 2024

Driving Black racial justice is a commitment that goes beyond celebrating Black history for one month.

That's why Grapevine's mission is to advance the Giving Circle movement and empower everyday donors and changemakers to come together, promote causes they are passionate about, and amplify their impact. We believe that changes happen through collective action.

To celebrate Black History Month, every month, we invite you to join a Giving Circle to learn about amazing Black-led nonprofits and support Black racial justice year-round.

Check out the Giving Circles below and sign up in seconds to become a new member and join the Grapevine community!

As a member, you will receive the following membership benefits:

  • Connect with over 60,000 members in our Grapevine community
  • Schedule 1:1 coffee chats (virtual or in-person) with members
  • Receive member-exclusive invites to networking events
  • Nominate and vote for your Giving Circle's nonprofit grantee
  • Become a member of a network that has given over $31M to more than 4,000 nonprofits and amplify your impact

"Black History Month, Every Month has provided donations totaling $17,760.04 across seven nonprofits nationally, emphasizing that Black history is an integral part of everyone's history. It's more than giving — it's about being part of a change-making network in partnership with our nonprofit collaborators. Our circle is a commitment to learn and grow together for the cause of Black racial justice and community support. We invite you to join us!"

Tenea Watson Nelson, PhD., Watson Nelson Consulting

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