Reno Women for Good Officially Launches!

Aug 5, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Reno Women for Good giving circle! This local giving circle was created to help women in Reno, Nevada build connections and enrich their professional and personal lives while doing good for their local community.

The group had their kick off event on July 27th at the lovely offices of the Nevada Women’s Fund in south Reno.

During this kickoff meeting, members learned more about the Reno Women for Good network and how it will be run with the guidance of their local leaders, Christie Mumm, Ila Achtabowski, Gretchen Caldwell and Aimee Keys. They also heard about Grapevine and the broader giving circle movement that the Reno group is now a part of from Grapevine Founder & CEO, Emily Rasmussen. Over wine and snacks, the members were also able to connect, network and share their philanthropic experiences and connections with local nonprofits.

The energy in the group was palpable and everyone left excited about the community, how they were going to pull in more members, and the impact they could have in the Reno area.

Leaders of the Reno Women for Good Giving Circle: Christie Mumm, Ila Achtabowski, and Aimee Keys, alongside Emily Rasmussen, Founding Member of Reno Women for Good and Founder & CEO of Grapevine!

Reno Women for Good Giving Circle Leaders

Aimee Keys

Aimee Keys is a stay at home mom who feels strongly about the importance, strength, and magic of community and women uplifting each other.

When asked why she joined Grapevine and the Reno Women for Good group, Aimee said, “I am a new mom who recently made the decision to stay home with my baby. I find myself with a new outlook on life and a new passion for finding ways to help others and better my community.”

Christie Mumm

Christie Mumm is a small business owner and woman of faith who is passionate about making the Reno community better and helping those who are in need to rise up and thrive.

When asked why she joined Grapevine and the Reno Women for Good group, Christie said, “I grew up here and I love this community. I strongly believe that human beings are made for community and that there is no greater outpouring of love for our neighbor than service! The Greek word for Love also translates as ‘Charity’ and I believe we are all called to love our neighbor as ourselves!”

Gretchen Caldwell

Gretchen Caldwell is a real estate agent at Sierra Nevada Properties.

When asked why she joined Grapevine and the Reno Women for Good group, Gretchen said, “I’m starting a new career and would love the opportunity to meet other women who are striving for success with a similar mindset.”

Ila Achtabowski

Ila Achtabowski is the President and CEO of the Nevada Women’s fund, where she has been empowering women to achievement since 1982.

Looking ahead

This group’s first quarterly meeting is scheduled for September 7th at the Nevada Women’s Fund, as well as online. During this meeting, members will hear quick presentations on three of the nonprofits that were nominated and vote for which nonprofit should receive their pooled funds.

If you’re considering joining the Reno Women for Good network, join soon to be a Founding Member and to participate in the first quarterly meeting! You can learn more and join here.

The Grapevine Giving Circles Network

The Reno Women for Good group is one of 60+ new giving circles launched by Grapevine as part of The Grapevine Giving Circles Network. To further our mission of democratizing philanthropy and providing more funding to underfunded causes and communities, we’re helping to launch giving circles in new areas and categories where they don’t exist already. The Grapevine Giving Circles Network gathers like-minded people around shared interests and values to connect, pool their donations, and make a bigger difference together. You can learn more about the Grapevine Giving Circles Network here.