Our Top Five Takeaways from Joy Webb

Sep 1, 2022

Last week we launched our new Speaker Series featuring leading thinkers, practitioners, and industry experts.

Our first guest was Joy Webb, the founder of Circle of Joy Giving Circle and member of the Atlanta Inequality in Philanthropy Advisory Group (she’s been at it for over 15 years!). Joy talked about local and equitable giving, creating and respecting community, and maximizing the initiatives already happening in your own backyard.

We've gathered our top five takeaways from Joy’s conversation to share with you. We hope these insights help you to navigate both growing and building your own giving circle!

Community knows what community needs

When selecting your nonprofit or giving circle focus areas — remember to listen to your community. Giving circles allow you to learn about, support and champion work already happening in your community.

Don't make being part of a giving circle a job

Make the process FUN and something everyone can benefit from. Your goal is to champion authentic connections and community-building — making an impact is an outcome from this!

Invite your last grantee to your next meeting

Always look for ways to share how contributions are making an impact to inspire your members.

Remember nonprofits are doing the hard work & heart work

Be grateful for the opportunity to participate and be part of their story through your giving circle. Remember you can be supportive even when a nonprofit doesn’t receive your group’s grant — be encouraging, provide feedback, volunteer your time, or give directly.

Start where you are

If you have 10 people or less — remember that’s still enough to make an impact in your community! You’re offering valuable support to a nonprofit no matter how many people are in your giving circle.

Watch the full conversation with Joy