3 Ways to Cover Your Grapevine Membership

Feb 9, 2023

Grapevine is a platform where like minded people can connect to network and donate to the causes they care about together. Grapevine Giving Circle members make tax deductible donations then nominate and vote on nonprofits to receive their pooled funds. Beyond the opportunity to amplify their impact as a collective,,members of Grapevine Giving Circles get to attend member events, learn about causes and nonprofits, and be part of a larger movement that is disrupting philanthropy.

Most people want to make a difference, but not everyone has deep pockets. At Grapevine, we think everyone should be able to give back to the causes they care about and make a difference. Fortunately, there are several options available to have some or all of your membership donation covered.

Employer matching

Many companies provide matching or employee directed donations to the nonprofit of an employee's choosing. Since all donations that are made through Grapevine giving circles go to legitimate 501(c)3 charities, this can include your Grapevine giving circle membership donation. Make your first donation, then forward the tax receipt (easily accessible through your Grapevine account) to your employer and see if they would be willing to match your donation to cover your part of the next granting cycle. In this way, you can reduce your membership cost by 50%!

Read more about this option here.

Expense your membership donations as professional development

Grapevine is an excellent way to network and learn from a diverse community of like minded professionals. In this way, joining a giving circle can aid in professional development, business development, recruiting and more. It may also be covered by your employer. When you decide to join a Grapevine giving circle, mention the opportunity to your manager and follow up with them via email. Send them the link to the Grapevine website or FAQ page and explain how Grapevine can support your professional development and ability to support the company. Ask them if they would reimburse you for the donation expense as a result.

Refer new members

We always want to engage more people in the giving circle model to come together and give back. That’s why we started the Grapevine referral program. For every person you refer who joins and donates, you’ll get a $10 credit towards your next donation. The more people you bring in, the more credits you have to cover your donation!

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