Recruiting and Promoting Community

Recruiting people to join your group can be a challenge, but the clearer your mission is the easier it will be.

Here we provide tips on how to leverage social media to recruit members for your group , leverage your network, and create community.

Determine what issues in your community need immediate attention

  • Is there an issue that many people in or around your community struggle with on a daily basis?
  • Does your community have access to the resources it needs (housing, food, water, clothing)?
  • Is there a more vulnerable population outside of your community that you feel your community cares for but doesn’t know how to help?

Ask yourself questions like these to help determine what issues directly or indirectly impact your community members, thus is one they could rally behind. If the issue is connected to one's personal story the more likely they are to contribute to causes that seek to solve it.

What is the change you are trying to affect?

Having a clear impact goal forces you to consider your strategy when trying to communicate your vision to others.

Determine a clear, simple task audience members can take to bring attention to or help resolve this issue.

In order to engage the most audience members possible a call to action is often needed and should be short and simple and at times exciting.

Here are a couple of quick ideas to get your brainstorming rolling

  • Sharing peoples personal story and a hashtag that ties your campaign together
  • Signing or promoting a campaign
  • Creating videos that relate to your cause
  • Creating some type of art

How to present a Call To Action?

This is where your purpose, why, and what becomes visible. In your call to actions (including: social media post, email, blog, etc.) tell your audience what the issue is that you chose, who or what community this issue impacts the most, and why you believe it deserves attention. After you’ve described the “who”, “what”, and “why”, introduce your “how”.

When you’re presenting your Call To Action to the audience, the steps should be clear and easy. The easier it is, the more people will engage and the larger your impact will be!

Example of Call to Action Language:Donate, Commit, Volunteer, Adopt, Give, Support”

Using Social Media

  1. Define your audience
  2. Pick your platforms
    1. Instagram: visual
    2. Twitter: short & sweet
    3. Facebook: events & longer posts
    4. LinkedIn: professional & networking
  3. Create a posting schedule depending on your platform
    1. Check out strategies on the best times to post here
  4. Don’t forget your hashtags
  5. Engage with your audience
    1. I.e. ask questions, set polls, respond to comments, reshare posts
  6. Remain consistent

Best Practices for Creating Community through Recruitment

  • Ask the group for ideas
  • Gather people's contact info, don’t just give them yours!
    • This way you’re able to create a listserv and possibly a group newsletter
  • Establish a consistent meeting schedule and give people a specific meeting time and location
    • Tip: let them choose every now and then
  • Don’t be afraid to follow up with people who were once interested or even if you just invited them to your Grapevine. Give them at least 48 hours prior to following up!
  • Collaborations: foster relationships with other groups, the organizations you give to, and the network your community members are building