Tamara Niehoff

Tamara Niehoff

Retirement, Long Term Care and Estate Planning Services

Principal and Advisor at Niehoff & Associates

Your Anchor in the Financial Storm

We are an independent brokerage based in Cincinnati, OH, proudly serving the tri-state area and beyond. As conservative wealth management advisors, we specialize in retirement restructuring and preservation of your hard earned dollars. As our client, we will help you sleep well at night, knowing your money is safe from market volatility.

Why I joined... I want to make a positive impact on our city and in our world. I am very passionate about giving back to our community, especially in areas that help to enrich the lives of young children in single parent families and/or low income families. Another cause that is near to my heart is raising awareness for mental health issues and the effect these have on our society as a whole.

Joined July 2022 · Cincinnati, OH