Christie Mumm

Christie Mumm

Smile maker & Photo taker @ JLM Creative Photography

Owner & Leas Photographer at JLM Creative Photography

Hello Ladies! I am a local photographer and have been serving the Reno/Sparks area since 2001. I love that my work allows me to enter into the lives of my clients and make lasting relationships! I feel strongly that it is our responsibility to make our community better and help those who are in need to rise up and thrive. My goal in joining is to do just that. I grew up in Reno/Sparks and raised m... Read more

Why I joined... I messaged the Grapevine community help email asking about a leadership structure or who is in charge of planning and organizing. I haven’t heard back except for an automated reply. So I wanted to ask the group here if anyone would be interested in scheduling an in-person group meetup somewhere locally, for any and all members who would like to get together and make connections?

Joined May 2022 · Sparks Nevada