Brianna Qureshi

Brianna Qureshi

Master esthetician looking to help our community

Owner/Licensed Master Esthetician at Studio Citrine

I am the owner of Studio Citrine, a luxury skincare studio dedicated to building long lasting results and relationships with clients. I do my best to embody/support self love and empowerment for all of my clients. I enjoy supporting others and want to help our community. I believe in equity, being a safe space for all, healing and sunscreen ๐Ÿ˜‰

Why I joined... I joined this group because I care about people and I want to be able to help. I also enjoy having a network of women who support women. My business is founded upon the ideas of self love and empowerment and I feel that this group would have like minded women and hopefully we can enjoy our time together as we help the community!

Joined May 2022 ยท Virginia Beach