Shara Mondy

Shara Mondy

Founder/Executive Director at Suited For Success Jacksonville, Inc.

Certified Professional Business Coach/Author/Founder, "CNN's 2021-22 Champions for Change Honoree"

Shara Mondy is the Founder and SHE-EO of the nationally recognized and award-winning nonprofit organization, Suited For Success Jacksonville, Inc. which was recently selected as a 2021 CNN Champions for Change Honoree, that was featured in the CNN documentary spotlighting 6 “Change Makers” in the United States, who are doing great things in their communities.
Shara has a savvy Celebrity Concierg
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Joined June 2022Jacksonville FL

Why I joined Jacksonville Women in Business for Good
As a Certified Professional Business and Lifestyle Coach, I am a current member of the Jacksonville Women's Business Center and Society of Small Businesses and I joined both to connect with likeminded women while working on upleveling my personal and professional development. I have met so many women owned businesses that were coming together to support the community as well, and I feel like this would be a perfect group to help me continue my journey of serving my community through my nonprofit organization while supporting and investing into others.

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