New England International Donors

NEID Affinity Groups

Join a NEID Affinity Group, discuss some of the most pressing issues facing our world with other community members

New England International Donors is a peer-to-peer learning network of passionate and dedicated global philanthropists. As COVID has brought members into our community from across the nation, we are creating Affinity Groups to enable more direct peer-to-peer conversations. In each Affinity Group members can directly share content and resources with other NEID members within specific philanthropic areas of focus. Please sign up to any of the Affinity Groups below if you are interested in receiving regular updates, reports, and information on these issues.


For over 10 years NEID has been creating community among internationally focused donors across New England. Our mission is to convene and empower donors to help address the world’s big problems. Through strategic networking, educational opportunities, and information sharing we aim to spark donor action and collaboration. By coming together to share knowledge and experience, we become increasingly generous and committed philanthropists for global social change.


Empowerment, partnership, empathy, humility, intellectual rigor, justice, effectiveness, and transformative social change.