Join New Yorkers for Reproductive Rights

Fight for women's equality by supporting nonprofits that are addressing fighting for reproductive rights. By joining our giving circle, you’ll be participating in the collective giving community in NYC who are advocating for gender equality including access to reproductive healthcare. We will come together with our group members each quarter to network, learn, and donate together.

Allison Walsh

“Over the past year, we have seen women's reproductive rights under attack. Joining this group and supporting a woman's right to choose is something I feel passionately about.”

Allison Walsh, New Yorkers for Reproductive Rights

Rachel Leffel

“I'd like to find meaningful ways to contribute to protecting reproductive rights. This seems like a good way do donate money and know that it's going to the best possible resources for that cause.”

Rachel Leffel, New Yorkers for Reproductive Rights

Claire Roubal - 100 Women Who Care of the Treasure Coast

“There’s such a good feeling at the end of the meeting, a feeling like ‘We did this for our community tonight.’ It’s such a warm feeling. And it’s even better the bigger the group is.”

Claire Roubal - 100 Women Who Care of the Treasure Coast

Chris Chan, Co-founder of VocalMinority

“Grapevine and its network of grantmakers have been instrumental in connecting our giving circle with high quality nonprofits in line with our values.”

Chris Chan, Co-founder of VocalMinority

Lisa LaTrovato - Founder and President

“Together, we can make a difference”

Lisa LaTrovato - Founder and President

Lynne Kelleher - 100 Women Who Care Bucks County

“My giving circle group helped to have people in my center of influence to see me in a different light. I’m not just a successful realtor, I’m a giver. A supporter of my community.”

Lynne Kelleher - 100 Women Who Care Bucks County

Connecting Community Leaders

Grapevine Giving

Grapevine Giving

Founder at Grapevine

Community Building
Equity & Equality
Allison Walsh
Founding Member

Allison Walsh

Executive Assistant to the CEO at Nash Technologies

Religion & Spirituality
Girls & Women
Susan Haynes
Founding Member

Susan Haynes

Content Acquisitions Manager at Udemy

Equity & Equality

Amplify your giving

Potential impact!

Launching Fall 2022, NYRR members will make quarterly donations and decide together how to direct the funds. Collectively we can have a larger impact on our community.

Member quarterly donation


“I would love to be a part of a group of women doing good by supporting initiatives that are creating positive ripples!”

Laura West

Virginia Beach Women for Good

Community members


“I love to make a difference and LOVE to network with beautiful, strong, smart women!”

Alicia Adams

Shreveport Women for Good

Yearly giving to nonprofits


“I believe in empowering women in business and in giving back to the community. Being aligned with both of these, collectively, feels like a perfect fit.”

Chloe DiVita

Denver Women in Business for Good

New Yorkers for Reproductive Rights

Join the movement

Benefits of Joining

Network with a community of New Yorkers supporting reproductive rights committed to the same cause while learning about local nonprofits. Make a commitment to give back.


Connect with Local Leaders
Meet and make meaningful connections with other New Yorkers for reproductive rights who care about making a difference.


Message with Community Members
Build a network of likeminded community members across the country.


Nominate & Support Local Nonprofits
Make a bigger difference in your community by nominating and supporting a local nonprofit using pooled donations.


Socialize & Vote at Your Group’s Events
Come together at events to socialize, discover and vote on nonprofits, and make a bigger difference together.

Have questions? Learn more at our upcoming event

This Friday at 5:00 PM we’ll host an open office hour for prospective members to learn about the group and ask questions.

Register for event on LinkedIn

A new era of philanthropy

The collective giving movement is now featured in a new TED Talk from the 2022 Conference! Sara Lomelin, our partner and CEO of Philanthropy Together, talks about the transformative power of giving circles and how you can join the movement to diversify and democratize philanthropy.

Watch it now and check out the top five moments that inspired us.

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