Partnering to Build A Global Giving Circle Directory

About this Partnership

Philanthropy Together and Grapevine are collaborating to build and host this global giving circle directory with a shared desire to showcase this collaborative, grassroots model of philanthropy and vastly increase the number of people participating in giving circles to drive more impact. Together, our partnership enables us to offer the tools, tech, programs, and educational resources to bring thousands more people into the collective giving movement.

Grapevine is a modern home for giving that makes collaborative giving fun, easy, and accessible for new and existing giving circles, funder collaboratives, and donor groups, like families, friends, alumni, and more.

Philanthropy Together is a global initiative to help kick-start hundreds of new giving circles, and help existing giving circles thrive. We’re on a mission to democratize and diversify philanthropy through the power of giving circles.

Join the Directory & the Movement

See your giving circle profile but want to make edits? Select “Claim” on your giving circle page.

Have a giving circle but don’t see your profile? Create your profile today!

New to the world of collective giving but inspired by what you see? You can create your own giving circle page in just a few minutes through Grapevine, and Philanthropy Together offers a virtual 5-session training program to help anyone start their own giving circle.


This global giving circle directory builds on the research done by the Dorothy A. Johnson Center For Philanthropy’s Collective Giving Research Group through their Landscape of Giving Circles/Collective Giving Groups in the U.S. and the newly released Giving Circles Around the World. Additional research was done by Julia L. Carboni, PhD and research assistant Grace Marie Klein from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs Syracuse University.

Ever since the first giving circle directory launched as a spreadsheet following the 2016 Landscape Report of giving circles, there has been a need and desire for a more comprehensive, filterable directory to highlight the thousands of giving circles around the world to support new members to find a giving circle in their own backyard, for giving circles to make connections with one another, and for local groups and organizations to find a way to make themselves known to giving circles within their same focus.

With thanks to all of the giving circle networks who helped promote the building of this directory with their affiliates: American Muslim Community Foundation, Amplifier@JFNA, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, Community Investment Network, Honeycomb, Latino Community Foundation, Philanos, Social Venture Partners, The Awesome Foundation, Together Women Rise.

Host & Embed the Directory on Your Website

To share information about giving circles to a far wider audience, we have developed an embeddable version of the directory that any approved entity can use within their own website experience. This can beautifully showcase the growing collective giving movement and offer your audience and users an easy way to find, join, and promote giving circles. Please reach out to Sara Lomelin ( or Emily Rasmussen( to discuss partnership and pricing of this embeddable resource within your website.


Can I change my giving circle profile information over time?

Yes! Once the directory launches in March, you'll be able to log in to Grapevine and change your profile whenever you'd like. If you want to make changes before March, you can use the same survey link, type in your giving circle name, and a link will be emailed to you.

Is there a cost to participate?

Never! The goal of the directory is to showcase the entire global movement, bring more members your way, and spotlight your work and the groups you support.

Do I have to collect donations through Grapevine to be part of the directory?

No, the directory is a resource for all giving circles and you do not have to collect donations through Grapevine. You will; however, make a Grapevine account to claim and make any ongoing updates to your giving circle's profile.

How will the directory be kept up to date? What if my circle closes?

We will host an annual drive to get new giving circles on the directory. You can remove your giving circle at any point if it closes. Please help us keep your information updated by checking in periodically.

What if I’m just starting a giving circle?

Join the directory anyway! Being on the directory may help you in finding members to join and seeing other giving circle profiles might inspire your own giving circle!

How will you protect my information?

Your information will only be used to share in the Giving Circle directory. Your information will never be sold. Any personal details used to fill out your profile will not be shared publicly.