The Lunar Project: Asian Americans in Solidarity with the Movement for Black and Indigenous Lives

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The Lunar Project is a community building and investment vehicle for Asian-Americans to support the movement for Black and Indigenous-led liberation. We do this through:

- Transformational Learning, Community Building, and Giving - 12 week community cohorts and giving circles for Asian Americans to build community, learn about Asian Americans’ relationship to race and racism in the US, pool resources, and move $100K of capital per cohort to Black and Indigenous-led organizations.

- Solidarity Funding - Through the giving circles, we will prototype and build towards a $20M+ fund that is rooted in solidarity, racial justice, and trust, that will deploy patient, flexible, integrated capital to Black and Indigenous-led organizations, businesses, and community developments. The fund will be governed by a community advisory group of Black and Indigenous movement and community development leaders, who will make funding decisions and help build an investment and grantee pipeline.

We invite you as funders, donors, and members of our community to seed our launch and help us reach our fundraising goal of $100,000 by December 31, 2020. A portion of these funds will serve as matching funds for our inaugural giving circle’s grantmaking budget. Our official launch date is February 12, 2021, the Lunar New Year.

We embrace the ways in which Asian American and Black and Indigenous community histories and struggles are interconnected. There is power in that truth. We invite you to transform with us!

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About The Lunar Project

Yichen Feng is a proud first-generation working-class immigrant from Shanghai, China and graduate of the LAUSD. Moving between public and private sectors in the human capital space, she is a founding member and Principal at Lumos Capital, seeking to bring equity in and access to quality education for all students. Prior to Lumos, she was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs where she hoped to one day work on The Lunar Project.

Sabrina Wu is a second generation Chinese American who has dedicated her career to social justice and equity. She currently leads the East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF)’s work on building an inclusive and equitable economy, where she leads grantmaking for the REAL People’s Fund, a $10M community governed loan fund investing in mission-driven entrepreneurs of color. Sabrina has almost two decades of experience working toward racial and economic justice and a lifetime of experience building community with Asian Americans, especially over food and politics!

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