Gary DeVirgilio

Gary DeVirgilio is a teaching artist currently employed with Community-Word Project. He is multidisciplinary, having studied acting, music, fine arts, and writing. Gary has taught all of these subjects in residency with New York Public schools, K-12. CWP sends its staff of teaching artists into various schools throughout the 5 Burroughs, anywhere from 10 weeks to 25 weeks. It is an honor for Gary to be a productive member of society as a positive source of artistic knowledge and inspiration for people of all ages. It is his belief that with enough effort, diligence and practice, all human beings are capable of achieving success in their endeavors. His purpose in life is to encourage.

Acting brought Gary to New York City in the early 90’s. The impetus to make himself available for more parts in which he could play realistically led him to undertake more creative classes. For instance he made it a point to learn piano, and the guitar. He carried around a harmonica for years, and would practice while on his commute, or any spare time. He learned how to sing, and started composing music. The art student league was a regular stop for life drawing classes. This of course led to painting, of which Gary has made hundreds of prints, canvases and thousands of drawings. He performed twice on broadway, has made many short films, and two feature films as a lead actor. Dead Eye for example can be found on Amazon Prime. Gary has written films, pilots, poems, short stories, and a couple unedited novels. He does his best to keep a regular practice in each of these fields, listening carefully to the inspiration that visits. Sometimes the muse wants music, and paintings. Sometimes it wants acting, or writing. One must heed the signs, and never stop working. Gary has performed his original music throughout NYC at many venues over the years.

Gary plans to release an EP and an Album by Christmas of 2022. He has written countless songs, and has decided it is time to record and release the material. It is an exciting time in that regard. You can find some examples of his work here:

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