Marion Chamberlain

Marion has been described as a change-maker who inspires businesses to develop a mission-centered mindset that their employees, customers, and investors can rally behind. Her presentations are delivered with enthusiasm and conviction to inspire action. Her speaking style is informative, interactive, upbeat, thought-provoking, engaging, and direct.

Her background in executive leadership, corporate strategy, environmental stewardship, and internal and external relations with departmental and executive management, shareholders, the Government, and the Media provide keen insight and guidance to audiences on leadership, teambuilding, community impact, and sustainable business growth. She’s also the author of The Impactful Leader: The Top 10 Skills to Set You Apart. Marion has also been consistently listed in the Top 100 Leadership Experts to follow on Twitter in 2013 and 2014.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Marion served as the Strategic Business Planning and Sustainability Manager for a leading metropolitan transportation authority. In her role, Marion led the organization’s strategic business plan and sustainability agenda by overseeing economic feasibility and cost effectiveness modeling for tactical initiatives, implementing sustainable practices and establishing measurable return on investment, and serving as the organization’s lead for collaboration on sustainability issues with regional and national advocacy groups.

Marion also has served on the Philadelphia Mayor’s Sustainability Advisory Board and Subcommittee on Environment & Equity; City of Philadelphia’s Sustainability Working Group; the metropolitan planning organization’s Food System Study Stakeholder Committee; and Walnut Hill Community Farm Advisory Board.

In her free time, Marion loves cooking, reading, gardening, hiking and spending lots of time in nature. She lives in Braddock, NJ with her husband and their five furbabies. She’s also passionate about modeling the way for her vegan lifestyle commitment.