Danielle Fay

Danielle Brandon (known as Danielle Fay) is an artist, singer, writer, and the podcast co-host/co-owner
of Allegedly Credible Entertainment LLC. Danielle considers herself to be a nurturing creative because
she believes in putting care, love, and passion in everything she does.

Danielle grew up singing in her father’s church from the tender age of three. Acknowledging her gospel
background and upbringing, her vocal style gravitates towards R&B, Jazz, and Neo Soul.
Danielle has been writing songs since she was 8 years old and is currently working on her very first
album. She has had the honor of performing at the Hackensack Meridan Health Theatre (formerly the
Count Basie Theater) in Red Bank, NJ in the Dunbar Repertory Company’s production of Langston
Hughes’ “Black Nativity”.

Danielle loves blending all her passions together. She just hosted an event, The Creative Hive Art Show
and Talent Exhibit, where artists, poets, singers, and creatives from all walks of life came together to
celebrate what makes them feel most alive.

Danielle Fay appreciates the opportunity to be a part of Applaud Our Kids. She realizes the importance
of pouring into our children’s creative abilities so they can grow into colorful adults.

You can follow Danielle Fay on Instagram or Tic-Tok. Her handle is @creativeladyfay.

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