Accept Donations on Grapevine

Have a few minutes? You can set yourself up right now to collect donations through Grapevine.

Step 1: Find your nonprofit on by searching for your EIN or name.

Step 2: Answer a few basic questions about your nonprofit to create and complete your profile.

Step 3: Just like that, you’re all set! Now you can link directly to Grapevine from your website, social media sites, and newsletters to start collecting donations.

Here are all the details about how you’ll receive your payments.

  • Grapevine leaders must request distributions to nonprofits by heading to the “donation cycle admin” on their page and selecting the “pick nonprofits” button and completing the form. The form asks for the following information
    • Submitters name
    • The URL of your giving circle
    • Nonprofit/nonprofits Name
    • EIN for nonprofit/nonprofits
    • Email address for nonprofit/nonprofits
    • Physical address for nonprofit/nonprofits
    • Phone number for nonprofit/nonprofits
    • Amount that should be sent to each nonprofit/nonprofits
  • Once the form is submitted, Grapevine will send a follow up email to the grapevine leader with the details of the submission. Grapevine leaders MUST respond and confirm the submission in the email.
  • When confirmed, Grapevine will reach out to the nonprofit from to confirm their information and how they’d like to receive the donation. Nonprofits can receive donations through direct deposit (our preferred method) or a check in the mail.
  • This distribution to nonprofits takes place on the 1st of the month for everything that is submitted and confirmed to Grapevine in the previous month. (Note: Nonprofits must reach the processing threshold of $100.) It can then take up to 20 business days for the nonprofit to receive the funds either through direct deposit or in a check in the mail.
  • Grapevine has partnered with Grapevine Giving Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity (EIN 87-2389502), to facilitate all donations. This is a Donor Advised Fund that distributes funds to nonprofits. Nonprofits will see that donations will come from Grapevine Giving Foundation.