Social4Good raises $2,500 through a FUNDrive

Sep 19, 2023

Written by Faith Boettger (leader of Social4Good)

As Giving Circle leaders, we're always looking for new and creative ways to support our organization’s mission. What if I told you there’s a way to raise money right in your members’ closets that requires no selling and was earth friendly?!


When you host a FUNDrive, you’ll fill a truck with gently-used clothing and household items, drive it to the nearest Savers’ location, and get paid by the pound for your donations directly to your Grapevine account. Yes, it’s that easy!

Social4Good has successfully held three FUNDrives – earning over $2,500 to support local nonprofits and our mission. While the FUNDrive team provides resources to plan your drive, here’s what we’ve learned along the way:

  1. When: Choose a date that coincides with seasonal closet turnovers or large group meetings. When seasons change, your members and the community will already be transitioning their clothing, giving them incentive to purge more and donate.
  2. What to Collect: Ask your local Savers what they are looking for and what they pay per pound for each type of donation. In May, our contact indicated they needed books. While we collected a lot of books, they did not earn as much and took up a lot of room on the truck.
  3. Where to Park Your Truck: Our first two drives were held at a swim club with plenty of room for cars to pull in, drop off, and depart (and members to park and have a little happy hour.) Our last drive was held during a community-wide yard sale, so the truck was parked in a team member’s driveway.
  4. Volunteers: Team members will coordinate with FUNDrive staff, market the event, help donors unload their cars, and rent and drive the truck to deliver the donations.
  5. Sponsors: We were fortunate to find sponsors for the truck we used to transport our collections. It was a great opportunity for them to support their employee’s community involvement and promote their business.
  6. Promote! Promote! Promote!: FUNDrive has resources on their site to create ads and tax receipts for your donors. We created an ad for our weekly newsletter, social media, Next Door, Facebook community pages, community organizations, friends and HOA’s.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3 to Schedule a FUNDrive!

  1. Click Here to create an account for your Giving Circle!

2. When creating your account, you will need the following Grapevine Giving Foundation information:

Important: Once you know how much your drive earned, don’t forget to complete Grapevine Giving Foundation’s form so they can more easily allocate the incoming funds to your giving circle’s campaign.

3. Once you set up your account, your region’s FUNDrive representative will contact you to help you set up your first fundraiser!