Make a Commitment to Giving Back All Year Round

Jan 30, 2023

Giving back to worthwhile causes shouldn’t only happen during the big giving months - November and December. There are people and causes that need support year-round! If you’re part of a Giving Circle, then you’ve already made a commitment to giving back throughout the year. Whether you’re part of a Giving Circle or not, check out our guide below for some creative ways to give back and make a difference every month and get ideas for organizations to contact here!


In January, winter is starting to ramp up. Colder weather often brings an increased feeling of isolation for many. Give back in January by donating your winter clothing to the homeless, volunteering at a food bank, or giving to organizations that support mental health.


February is Black History Month. Observe Black History Month by donating to organizations that support the Black community as well as Black history and cultural education.


To celebrate Women’s History Month in March, support and donate to organizations that promote women's rights and equality. If you’re looking to get outdoors as spring begins, you can also plant trees or pick up litter in your neighborhood.


April has both Tax Day and Earth Day. Take time to participate in a local clean-up event or give to a charity that supports environmental conservation. Don’t forget that all of your donations made throughout the year are tax deductible!


May is Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Show your support by donating to causes that are dedicated to helping those communities. For Memorial Day, you can also spend time visiting veteran cemeteries or sending care packages to those currently serving.


June is Pride month, so consider volunteering at a pride parade or at a local LGBTQIA+ organization. You can also give to a charity that supports LGBTQIA+ rights and resources.


July is a great month to get outside and get involved! Attend or volunteer at a charity concert or performance in your community.


August is the perfect time to snuggle your favorite critters! Volunteer at a local animal shelter or offer to help an elderly neighbor by walking their dog. You can also donate to a charity that supports animal welfare.


September is when many students go back to school. Donate school supplies or funds to a local charity helping children. September 15th is also the start of Hispanic Heritage Month. You can participate by donating to a cause that supports Hispanic communities.


For breast cancer awareness month in October, participate in a walk to support breast cancer research, volunteer at a local event, or donate to a charity that supports breast cancer research and education.


November has our favorite holiday: Giving Tuesday! Participate by giving to an organization that supports Indigenous Peoples, as November is Native American Heritage Month.


Many different cultures and religions have holidays in December. Donate to a local toy drive or gift drive for underprivileged children or volunteer at a soup kitchen that feeds families for the holidays.

Want to join or build a community that is dedicated to giving back all year? Click below to join or start your Giving Circle on Grapevine today!