Ideas for Events Members Can Organize for Their Giving Circles!

Feb 3, 2023

Giving Circle members often tell us they want more opportunities to connect and meet other members in their group. The leaders of a Giving Circle are focused on organizing Gather & Grant events, so we want to empower you as members to bring your own creativity and energy to help organize additional simple and fun social activities for your group. If you’re in a Giving Circle where leaders haven’t been identified yet, this is also a great way to start connecting with other members! We’ve compiled a list of ideas that you can use to organize events for your Giving Circle.

When you're ready to organize an event for your Giving Circle, we’ve made it super easy for you. Fill out this form and we’ll handle posting the event to your group’s page, so your members can be alerted!

Group Coffee Date

Pick a coffee shop that you love and let members know when you’ll be there! This takes virtually no planning and is an inspiring and uplifting way to start your day. Our Albuquerque Women in Business for Good group has started hosting these routinely.

Wine Tasting/Casual Dinner/Pub Night/Breakfast Club

What better way to come together as a group than over some delicious food and drink? Find a spot you love or have always wanted to try and book a table. You can find restaurants in your local area and easily make a reservation using websites like OpenTable and Resy.

Networking Night/Member Mixer

Giving Circles are powerful ways to expand your personal network, especially if you’re new to an area! Find a local patio and host a Mix & Mingle event for members to connect. Two simple things you can do to make these events seamless is:
1) Bring name tags for people to wear
2) Have a welcome sign in your group’s area.

Group Volunteering

Giving Circles allow you to be introduced to infinitely more nonprofits doing incredible work. While not all the nonprofits that get nominated will get your group’s grant, through the collective giving process, nonprofits are able to reach new audiences. If you nominated a nonprofit, regardless of whether it received your group’s grant — why not consider organizing a volunteer opportunity that members can join? In Giving Circles we talk about the five T’s: time, talent, testimony, ties, and treasure. Giving your time and talent is an invaluable resource for nonprofits.

Host a Talk or Panel Discussion

A quick look at the “Members” tab of your Giving Circle is an easy way to see all the incredible talent and expertise contained in your group. What better way to showcase some of the knowledge and expertise of your members than by hosting a talk or panel discussion? Think about topics that are top of mind for your members and areas of enrichment they might be looking for.

Create a Social Squad

Our Birmingham Women for Good group has created a private Facebook page for members interested specifically in networking, promoting their business and various social events. This is a great way to further highlight this content for your members. Using social media is also a good way for members to organize a virtual event for their Giving Circle.

Ready to organize an event for your Giving Circle? We’ve made it super easy for you. Fill out this form and we’ll handle posting the event to your group’s page, so your members can be alerted!