How to Get Involved in Your Local Community after Moving Through Community Giving

Feb 15, 2023

When you’re new to a community, you may be wondering how you can meet new people, get to know the area, and make an impact. Grapevine Giving Circles make it easy to not only make connections, but also become a meaningful contributor through community giving. How can you get involved by joining a Grapevine Giving Circle? Learn more below!

Learning about your new community

If you’ve recently moved and were active in your previous community, odds are you want to hit the ground running to get acquainted and involved as soon as you’re settled in. Grapevine Giving Circles are a great way to learn all about your new community and the organizations making a difference there. Once you join a Giving Circle on Grapevine, you’ll have access to your Giving Circle homepage where you can connect and communicate with other people looking to make an impact locally and find out which causes are most important in your neighborhood. Not only will you gain an understanding of the issues, but you will also learn about great organizations doing meaningful work in your community through the experiences of your fellow members. Then, each donation cycle, you can help select which ones you will support as a group! By participating in community giving through your Giving Circle, you will amplify your impact through the power of pooled funds.

Find a Giving Circle in your local community or focused on a cause you care about here. You can also reach out to us at and we can help you connect with (or start!) a Giving Circle that’s right for you!

Connecting with local nonprofits

When you join a Giving Circle, you not only have the chance to learn about new organizations, but you get the chance to know them intimately. During each donation cycle, members can nominate nonprofits as potential donation recipients, and the members who nominated the nonprofits present the organizations during the quarterly meeting. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of those running the nonprofits and understand what they’re doing and how they are helping your local community.

Networking with your new neighbors

Not only are Giving Circles a great way to participate in community giving, but they’re also a fantastic way to build your local network. Members get to know each other during their quarterly meetings, one-on-one coffee chats, other social and impact-focused events specific to your community, and by interacting on the Giving Circle online homepage. Grapevine also offers opportunities to connect with members in the movement across the country through virtual member mixers, speaker series, workshops, peer learning groups, and more. Many of our Giving Circles also create LinkedIn and Facebook groups so that they can connect on different platforms. Members can grow their professional networks as well as their social networks, finding both those that are in their industry and those that have the same interests. If you’re new in town, this network building is just the thing to help you build your connections with like-minded neighbors and feel at home in your new community.

If you’re in a local Giving Circle but will be moving soon, reach out to us at and we can help you transition to a new group or start your own! You can also click below to get started!