How Collective Giving Empowers Women

Nov 12, 2021

What is a Giving Circle?

A Giving Circle is a model of collective giving. People gather in a group that has shared values and goals, donate to a shared pool, then decide which nonprofits to give the money to.

These discussions and collective donations create societal change and civic actions. It also empowers everyday givers to amplify their impact and become more involved with their communities.

Research has shown that women tend to give in groups more often than men, particularly through giving circles, in which dozens of people pool their money to give to charities, nonprofits and political campaigns.

The impact of women giving together

By 2023, women’s global wealth will rise to at least $81 trillion. Women have more money than ever, and their capacity to donate to causes is higher than ever. This means that philanthropic dollars designated by women are powerful drivers of societal changes that women want to see. Unsurprisingly, more dollars from female philanthropists go towards organizations that support minorities and women.

For example, members of Geaux Girls, a giving circle based in New Orleans, are Black women who give together to gift microgrants to local nonprofits serving Black women and girls.

The 100+ Women Who Care model is popular, especially for community-based giving. Each quarter, a hundred women come together and each donate $100, granting out $10,000 to a nonprofit of the group's choice.

Giving Circles empower women and make a bigger difference

As the NYTimes wrote, women "want to see how their philanthropy will benefit and influence society, culture, and their communities." By giving together as a collective, you can give more and form deeper relationships with organizations that are creating positive changes, and have a larger voice in our communities.

Approaching fundraising as a social community-building activity, rather than a transactional one, can help all donors make a bigger difference together.