Giving Circle Spotlight: F3 Fabulous Female Fundraisers

Jul 23, 2021

Today we’re highlighting F3 Fabulous Female Fundraisers and the incredible difference they’re making through the work that they do. Read on to learn about their mission, their mentoring program, some of the professional development opportunities they offer, and what it feels like to know they’re helping so many women become their very best selves.

Your Giving Circle is dedicated to connecting, supporting, engaging, and empowering women of color in their fundraising efforts to foster personal and professional growth. Can you share why this cause is so meaningful to you?

Fabulous Female Fundraisers, F3, is a network for women of color in the fundraising profession and in the nonprofit sector. We all understand the value and importance of giving back, and we wanted to use our collective power to make a difference.

We’d love to hear your origin story. How did your Giving Circle come to be?

We are really a professional network that lends support to its members through professional development, fellowship, and friendship. You can learn more about us by visiting our website at We created a pop-up Giving Circle to give our members an opportunity to be a part of something amazing.

You’ve helped empower many women through your work, and every story is special. Would you be able to share one of those stories?

Through our mentoring program, we pair up seasoned fundraisers with young professionals to help support them in their careers. One of our young members was struggling and working part time. She couldn't figure out how to combine her passion for education with her interest in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). She was feeling unfulfilled in her current role and began to lack self- confidence in herself. Through her mentor whom she met with twice a month, she was able to revamp her resume, participate in mock interviews, and receive counsel on salary negotiations. In less than three months, she found her dream job as a DEI Coordinator at an affluent private school in her town. She credits this accomplishment to her mentor who encouraged her by helping her to define her values, fine-tune her skills, and appreciate her worth.

How does it make you feel to think about the incredible impact you’re having on the communities and nonprofits you’re supporting?

As the founder of F3, I’m pinching myself about the impact that F3 is having on the lives of our members. . Many have said how emotionally and professionally supported they’ve felt by being a part of this network. In 2020, lots of members moved to new roles that they feel good about.

Our events have included professional development in learning how to: close major gifts, plan impactful events, steward donors in times of crisis, get families involved in fundraising, and better take care of oneself during stressful times. These trainings and conversations have helped our members evolve into their best selves. In this way, they can bring all that they are to their roles in the nonprofit space. And in this way, we’re making a difference. This brings me joy.

What are some ways you help create a sense of community among your Giving Circle members?

Since we’re now in 13 states and Canada, we have regional meetups. This year, we did a virtual community service project but normally we would do a volunteer project in person.

We also have a virtual consultants lounge for those who are independent consultants. There, we provide support to these entrepreneurs. In addition, we have fun events like book talks as well as virtual sip and paint.

What advice do you have for people who are looking to start a Giving Circle but aren’t sure where to begin?

Start talking to people in your network who have a passion for helping and for giving back. Invite them to come together to talk about their individual and collective values. Also explain the power of the collective to do more together than alone.


To learn more about F3 Fabulous Female Fundraisers —including the organizations they support or how to make a donation—you can visit their Giving Circle page.

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