About Us

At Grapevine, our goal is simple: connect the people, and grow the good.

Grapevine gathers like-minded people to donate to a common cause. It’s the only platform dedicated to Giving Circles - a charitable model where people come together, pool their donations and give back as a collective to amplify their impact.

Anyone can join or start their own Giving Circle on Grapevine in minutes. Grapevine’s platform helps like minded people connect around the common goal of giving back.

We make it easy for people to find and join one of hundreds of Giving Circles across the country supporting specific communities or causes. Grapevine also helps anyone who wants to start their own Giving Circle by making it easy to set up their group page, invite members and start collecting donations on Grapevine in minutes.

Whether you’re a small group of friends, a block of close-knit neighbors, or a team of professionals rallying around a cause, Grapevine is your philanthropic home for group giving.

With over 800 Giving Circles, 55,000+ total members across the US, and $25M in donations to date, Grapevine is accelerating the collective giving movement by connecting people to grow the greater good.

For media queries, reach out to press@grapevine.org.