Racial Justice

Curated by Kesi Foster

U.S. nationwide

Racial justice cuts across all issue areas and systems including, education, housing, immigration, the criminal legal system, food justice, and economic justice. Focusing on racial justice moves us towards identifying solutions developed by those most impacted and pushed to the margins and creates movements that lead with transformative solutions.

Nonprofits in this fund

Black Organizing Project

Black Organizing Project

General Operating

Oakland CA 94607 US

The Black Organizing Project (BOP) is a Black member-led community organization working for racial, social, and economic justice through grassroots organizing and community-building in Oakland, California. BOP emphasizes the importance of developing a base of Black leaders who can have influence over the decisions that their communities are most impacted by. Being a membership-led organization means their members participate in every aspect of the organizing.

Law for Black Lives

Law for Black Lives

General Operating

Law For Black Lives is a national network of radical lawyers, law students, and legal workers of color committed to building the power of the Black Lives Matter movement. Formed out of the uprisings in Ferguson & Baltimore, we use the law to embolden, defend and protect the growing movement for Black liberation. Law for Black Lives provides legal support, policy support and referral services to grassroots groups across the country who are working to end money bail and create alternative systems to support our people in crisis and divest from punitive institutions, such as the police, jails, and courts and invest in the supportive services our people need, such as transportation, education, and health.

Kesi Foster's giving strategy

My giving strategy is focused on supporting grassroots community organizations that are led by and center the leadership of those most impacted, especially Black women, Black and Latinx youth, TGNCIQ+, and organizations that prioritize working in coalitions to build movement.

About Kesi Foster

Kesi Foster is a Lead Organizer at Make The Road New York and on the North Star Fund Board and Community Funding Council. Prior to organizing with Make The Road, Kesi was the Coordinator for the Urban Youth Collaborative, the largest youth-led coalition in New York City. The Urban Youth Collaborative brings together young people from across New York City to organize for racial justice and equity in the public school system. Previously, he worked at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform supporting grassroots community organizations building campaigns for educational justice, advocating for community-led solutions, including community schools and ending the school-to-prison pipeline. Before joining the movements for educational justice, he held positions as the Project Coordinator for the Right to Vote Campaign, and worked with formerly incarcerated individuals and public housing residents in New York City, facilitating back economic and employment skill building workshops

3 years of grantmaking experience

Experience at North Star Fund Community Funding Council

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