Trans* POC Led Organizations

Curated by Cole Giannone

I wanted to create a portfolio that represents organizations lead by trans folks of color. The portfolio aims to get money into the hands of folks pushing our movement to uplift and support all of us to live our lives fully.

I especially wanted to make sure we are funding organizations that hire trans women of color. Trans women of color face disproportionate rates of violence, homelessness, incarceration, and poverty - all of which these organizations are fighting to end. Thanks for donating to these organizations!

Nonprofits in this fund

Princess Janae Place

Bronx NY 10467 US

This is an organization located in the Bronx, named after a transwoman who experienced homelessness who passed away from cancer. PJP is active in housing advocacy so that trans people have access to safe and affirming housing. I had the pleasure of working with PJP on efforts to amend the NY State Runaway & Homeless Youth Act a few years ago and believe your donation will help them continue to do great work.

New York Transgender Advocacy Group

New York NY 10027 US

NYTAG has been making New York a safer place for trans folks through fighting for local legislation and training people on their rights. They helped our state legislature finally pass the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) and host an annual TLGBQI Advocacy Day in Albany. Supporting advocacy lead by trans women of color is a great cause to donate to.

Translatinx Network

New York NY 10011 US

If you go to their site you'll see how this community org uplifts the Translatinx and broader trans community. They have been at the forefront of fighting for those who are undocumented, sex workers, and those who do not speak English as a first language. They post Resiliency stories that exemplify how strong and powerful the members of our trans community are.

Destination Tomorrow

Bronx NY 10455 US

Focused on the economic empowerment of queer communities of color, this organization is in the Bronx and works closely with folks experiencing homelessness. In my perspective, Destination Tomorrow was born out of the organic networks of care that queer people have provided to one another throughout history and it's important for us to support organizations that sustain folks to be able to do that for one another.

Marsha P Johnson Institute

Richmond CA 94805 US

It is very exciting that the Marsha P. Johnson Institute launched this year. Founded by Elle Hearns, MPJI fights for the liberation of black women in honor of the life and legacy of Marsha P. Johnson.

About Cole Giannone

I've been working to prevent and end youth homelessness since 2010. I entered the field feeling deeply connected to the LGBTQ community but ignorant to the root causes of homelessness. Most of the young people experiencing in homelessness in our country are youth of color and 40% identify as LGBTQ.

Study after study shows that if you are black and trans you are more likely to be unsheltered than sheltered, but few studies highlight the resiliency and determination of trans people and the ways they have survived throughout history without the support of formal institutions. Many queer people survive because of the support we get from other queer people. The organizations I've listed here are those that I am familiar with. They are lead by trans folks of color and they do great things.

As a white person, I wanted to make sure I use the privilege of being asked by Grapevine to curate a page to highlight orgs lead by trans people of color.

Thanks for your donations!

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