Melissa Jordan

Melissa Jordan

Online Business Manager | Virtual Assistant at On Target Virtual Solutions

Empowering Women to Rise Together in Business and Achieve Their Goals!

Joined March 2023Gainesville, Florida

Why I joined Gainesville Women for Good
I am excited about the opportunity to join this Grapevine because it aligns with my passion for positively impacting our local community. As someone who believes in the power of giving back, I am drawn to the mission of this group and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. Moreover, I am enthusiastic about connecting with other women in business who share the same drive and commitment to serving others. I believe that when we come together with a collective purpose, we can create a ripple effect of positive change, and I am inspired by the idea of always paying it forward. I hope to contribute my energy and resources to support the community and build meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals equally dedicated to uplifting those around us.


Social & Human Services
Girls & Women
Community Building
Children & Family
Economic Empowerment
Pets & Animals
Equity & Equality
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Melissa Jordan

Founding Member

Gainesville Women for Good is a network of women in Gainesville who want to make a bigger impact together.

March 2023