Dashinka Bailey

Dashinka Bailey

Freelance Talent Acquisition Specialist at Self Employed

Spreading Sunshine Daily

I'm a life coach and a career counselor. I'm also a freelance Talent Acquisition Specialist, I work with variety of organizations around the world filling their harder to fill positions. My weekends I spend relaxing and doing self-care. I also have a podcast. I describe myself as E³ eccentric, energetic and eclectic. I enjoy pouring into others and I'm open for people pouring into me.

Joined October 2022Atlanta, GA

Why I joined Metro Atlanta Women in Business for Good
I joined this group because I wanted to be a part of something phenomenal. I am looking to connect with other women where I can not only receive empowerment but to also provide empowerment. I believe that we are better connected so I'm looking for to all of the connections that come with this.


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The Giving Kitchen Initiative Inc.
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