Amy Walton

Amy Walton

President at Amy Walton: Holy Grounding

Helping Women and Nonprofits GROW!


I've been a Virginia Beach resident for nearly 33 years.

I've worked in the news media and nonprofit sectors; and I currently work as a nonprofit consultant with a local firm and run my own business which incorporates Christian life coaching (Yes, I am certified!), yoga and meditation, retreats, guest blogging, and wellness seminars. I also sit on a couple nonprofit boards in the area and a
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Why I joined Virginia Beach Women for Good
I still work part time in the nonprofit arena, although my true passion is ministry, and I have a small coaching, seminar, and yoga business I am seeking to grow. I'm a seasoned development professional who give little chunks of money here and there to support nonprofits. I think I can be of help in this area (plus I know a lot of people!).