Alana Auston

Alana Auston

Senior Strategic Planner at Barefoot Proximity (OPMG)

Working to make a difference for the everyday citizen.

Joined January 2023Michigan, USA

Why I joined Women Fighting for Women's Rights
It’s been a goal of mine to provide support for people in ways that are helpful and matter to them. Women’s Rights, Equality, and Equity is one of my most important causes, so it just kind of clicked for me to join this and give. I’d love to support organizations that provide women of all backgrounds support in anything they want to do — schooling initiatives, hobby/community programs, the arts, self-empowerment/development, healthcare/health maintenance, and more. I’m happy to be helping make a difference with you all!


Girls & Women
Children & Family
Economic Empowerment
Social & Human Services
Advocacy & Social Justice
Equity & Equality
Arts & Culture
Climate Change & Environment
International Development
Disaster Relief
Hunger & Nutrition
Community Building


Alana Auston

Founding Member

Women Fighting for Women's Rights is a network of people who want to make a bigger impact together.

January 2023