Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

TXM | Seattle at Industrious

Tenant Experience Manger | Shift Program | Arts + Humanities Enthusiast

It’s pretty simple: philanthropy is my passion. I’m a conceptual design enthusiast who incorporates confident personality traits and skill sets in presentation, problem-solving, and functions for individual project needs. I take pride in program management with finesse.

Joined November 2022Seattle

Why I joined Seattle Women in Business for Good
Working with like-minded women who want to improve not just their professional and personal lives, but their communities as well. I look forward to joining this group of talented women and making an impact.


Arts & Culture
Climate Change & Environment
Equity & Equality
Social & Human Services
Girls & Women
Economic Empowerment
Pets & Animals
International Development


Ashley Smith

Founding Member

Seattle Women in Business for Good is a network of people who want to make a bigger impact together.

November 2022

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Nonprofits Supported

Refugee Womens Alliance

Refugee Womens Alliance
Seattle, WA

Sound Foundations NW Hope Factory

Sound Foundations NW Hope Factory
Seattle, Wa