Mercedes Gibson

Mercedes Gibson

Founder at Mercedes Gibson Coaching/MLG Coaching. I also work at The Greenlining Institute.

Closing the race and gender wealth gap by being awesome.

Mercedes Gibson is a strategy coach from Oakland, CA. She loves authenticity and self expression, and finds immense joy in supporting clients to lead with their own. She partners with her clients to find insightful solutions to meaningful problems. Pairing her creativity with her analytical nature, she works to solve complex problems and innovate ways to improve logical systems.

She has over 20
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Joined April 2023Oakland

Why I joined Oakland Women for Good
Oakland native! I am the founder of MLG Coaching - which exists to close the racial and wealth gap by providing culturally relevant career coaching to women of color. I have over 20 years in nonprofit work centering economic equity. One of my proudest moments was launching The POC Small Business Network in my home, East Oakland. Lets connect on LI:


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