Elizabeth Talerman

Elizabeth Talerman

Strategist, building capacity of communities to solve intractable problems

CEO at The Nucleus Group

Elizabeth works with organizations to establish meaning, clarify purpose, streamline decision-making and turn strategy into action. Her background in research, communications and brand building are foundational to identifying patterns and insights for catalyzing change and accelerating growth.

Over the past 3 decade, Elizabeth has worked with leaders and change-makers across the globe from Johnso
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Why I joined... CAST: Nonprofit nomination One of the nonprofit organizations that makes an enormous difference is hyper local. The town of Southold spans from just east of Riverhead New York out to Fishers Island. It is one of the largest townships in New York. It is home to a great many farms that feed New York and a great many immigrants who work on those farms. CAST provides this community with a safety net. It works to eliminate food insecurity, financial illiteracy, and poverty. Among the many services it provides is a food pantry that operates like a grocery store so people can shop with dignity for what they need without the burden of having to pay. There are ESL and financial literacy classes that support people in the basics of applying for jobs, completing a loan application, paying bills and establishing a credit score. There is a culinary and hospitality program so that young people can train for work and meet potential employers. I hope you will consider it as we review non-profit organizations that our community will support!

Joined May 2022 · New York