Amy Norgren Salfi

Amy Norgren Salfi

Chief Strategy Officer at Excel Technologies

Chief Strategy at Excel Technologies. Interested in climate resilience and community support for the mentally ill

Joined June 2023Bethesda

Why I joined Montgomery County Women for Good
I have decades of experience in the field of environmental policy and technology. I am on the board of a small environmental non profit that needs (and deserves) more connections. I would also like to improve social services in Montgomery County. I am particularly concerned about the plight of the Serious Mentally Ill who need affordable supervised group housing, local job opportunities, cultural/creative opportunities, and the ability to integrate in our community in a productive manner.


Social & Human Services
Climate Change & Environment
Arts & Culture
Community Building

Nonprofits Supported

The Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless Inc.

The Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless Inc.
Rockville, MD

A Wider Circle Inc.
Kensington, MD