Linda Tali

Linda Tali

Project Manager at Alpha3D

Project manager in Alpha3D

Hello everyone,

I have to say that I have a colorful career bath to some of you. So let me tell you my story in short. After graduating my BA I decided to explore the world and move to Australia for two years, after that I lived and worked in New Zealand, and then for about 7 years I lived and worked in China and now I am back to my home country and work in Estonia for Alpha 3D as project manage
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Why I joined Women in Tech for Gender Equality
Hello my name is Linda and I am project manager in Alpha3D. Alpha3D is a generative AI-powered platform that enables anyone, regardless of their 3D modelling knowledge, to automatically transform text prompts or 2D images of real-world objects into 3D digital assets in minutes. I am always happy to support all women in tech and network. I believe that together we can build a good future to all the women out there who are maybe not so comfortable and brave yet to join the tech world.


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Linda Tali

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Women in Tech for Gender Equality is a network of women leaders in tech who want to make a bigger impact together.

July 2023

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