Destination Tomorrow

Bronx, NY


Economic empowerment is the underlying goal of all that we do at Destination Tomorrow. We focus on education and practical life skills that take our clients off the path to needing emergency treatment, housing or healthcare services. We believe it is more helpful to empower them to avoid crisis situations, via offerings such as a financial literacy program in collaboration with TD Bank, a four-week job readiness program, and sexual health education.

What grantmakers are saying

Senior Consultant for Youth Homelessness, Office of the Mayor, NYC
New York, NY

Focused on the economic empowerment of queer communities of color, this organization is in the Bronx and works closely with folks experiencing homelessness. In my perspective, Destination Tomorrow was born out of the organic networks of care that queer people have provided to one another throughout history and it's important for us to support organizations that sustain folks to be able to do that... Read more

July 2019