Translatinx Network

Translatinx Network Inc.
New York, NY


Translatinx Network increases the capacity of all transgender community members through advocacy, education and social support.

Translatinx Network has both a local and national focus, with a mission is to promote the healthy development of trans people through the delivery of a wide range of information. Through promotion, outreach in education, and capacity-building, we encourage and strengthen the creation of safe and productive environments for transgender women.

What grantmakers are saying

Senior Consultant for Youth Homelessness, Office of the Mayor, NYC
New York, NY

If you go to their site you'll see how this community org uplifts the Translatinx and broader trans community. They have been at the forefront of fighting for those who are undocumented, sex workers, and those who do not speak English as a first language. They post Resiliency stories that exemplify how strong and powerful the members of our trans community are.

July 2019