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Helping women leaders in Utah build connections, while doing good for the greater community.

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Savannah Professional Women for Good

Savannah Professional Women for Good

Birmingham Women for Good

Birmingham Women for Good

Plano Women for Good

Plano Women for Good

Benefits of Joining

Build New Connections
Meet like-minded people and expand your social and professional network.

Grow Your Influence
You’ll have a direct say in where our pooled funds go and which causes we support.

Amplify Your Impact for Good
With just 100 members donating $100, that’s $10,000 going to a deserving charity each quarter.

Plano Women for Good

Plano Women for Good

Gwen Lyman

Why I joined... “I have heard of these groups before and am inspired by the impact of collective giving as well as networking with like-minded women.”

Gwen Lyman - Member since August, 2023

Nikki Woodworth

Why I joined... “I am passionate about helping others and I love the idea of a group of women working as one to change the world. I believe in the power of connection and bringing opportunities to those who need it. Incorporating networking into this group is a small bonus. This is a great concept and I have been looking for ways to get more involved in my community as well as ways to meet new people. I am a new entrepreneur and looking to make connections with like minded women that I can learn from and grow with. I am excited to be part of Grapevine ad to meet you all :)”

Nikki Woodworth - Co-Founder at Talent Connect, passionate about people and connections!

Heather Field

Why I joined... “I want to join Grapevine to connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and gain insights for personal and business growth. By being part of this community, my goal is to empower and uplift fellow women in business, contribute to diversity and equality initiatives, and tap into local expertise. Together, we can build a strong network, support each other's growth, and make a positive impact both within the Utah business ecosystem and on a national scale.”

Heather Field - Swagologist and President of Logo Link

elizabeth larchar

Why I joined... “What are we doing with our lives if we aren't doing good?”

elizabeth larchar - COO at OLO Builders, LLC.

Alice Keyes

Why I joined... “Hi there! I work for a national nonprofit and view involvement with the Weber County Women in Business for Good as a way to get more connected to supporting community and nonprofits locally. Looking forward to getting to know you!”

Alice Keyes - Project and Events Manager at Crisis Text Line

Amanda Westenskow

Why I joined... “Building a strong leadership community where we can learn from one another, connect with others outside of this organization, and support our community in various capacities. Inclusivity is where it all begins.”

Amanda Westenskow - helping each other get back on their feet - mental health advocate

Join 80+ Community Leaders

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Supported nonprofits

By giving, we are helping these nonprofits address critical needs, implement transformative programs, and create a brighter future for individuals and communities in need.

Naperville Professional Women for Good

Naperville Professional Women for Good

Metro Atlanta Women in Business for Good

Metro Atlanta Women in Business for Good

100 Women Who Care Maui

100 Women Who Care Maui

Fayetteville Women for Good

Fayetteville Women for Good

How it works

Grow your network, enrich your personal life, and make a bigger impact on nonprofits in your local area.


Join & Donate
Join our group’s online home and contribute a quarterly donation of $100 into our communal fund.


Nominate & Discover
Nominate a nonprofit you’re passionate about or discover nonprofits through the nominations of others, and learn about great organizations doing good work.


Vote & See the Impact
Vote for the deserving charity from 3 finalists and experience the profound effect of collective giving as the chosen charity receives our substantial pooled donation, and former recipients share updates on how your funds are being used in the community.


Connect & Grow
Attend quarterly Gather & Grant events to learn about the nominated nonprofits and network with dynamic group of like-minded people, expanding your social and professional networks while doing good.

Have questions? Learn more at our upcoming event

This Wednesday at 10:00 PM UTC and Friday at 4:00 PM UTC we'll host an open office hour for prospective members to learn about the group and ask questions.

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Our upcoming events

Joining this group and attending upcoming events will expand your network and give you opportunities to engage with like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions.


Grapevine Member Mixer
Join our monthly Member Mixer to connect with Giving Circle members across the entire country


Coffee Chats
Get introduced directly to other members for 1-1 connections in person or via video call.


Now Requesting Nonprofit Nominations
Our August to October, 2023 cycle has kicked off! Members can now nominate nonprofits to receive this cycle’s funds.

Utah Women in Business for Good

Amplify your giving

Total Impact

We come together each quarter to network, donate, learn about local nonprofits, vote on which ones to support, and work to have a collective impact on our community.

Member quarterly donation


“Being a marketing staple in the community with Hometown Values Magazine is a huge goal! Being a part of the community and to help with local non profits is a must in my book. Networking is such a fun added bonus. :)”

Jade Ellis
Jade Ellis

Your Ogden/Weber Hometown Values agent - Let's get you advertising!

Community members


“I love the idea behind this group! Such a fun way to give back to the community in a meaningful way! I am excited to meet amazing women in leadership in my community. Networking and outreach.”

Ashlee Hopkins
Ashlee Hopkins

Program Director at New Seasons Treatment Center

Given to nonprofits


“I am focused on working with women locally to improve their circumstances . To educate and support women on ways to thrive and celebrate healthy, abundant , lifestyles.”

Maria Godina
Maria Godina

Healthy Life Coach and Registered Nurse

Supporting the movement

Grapevine Giving Foundation

The Grapevine Giving Foundation plays a crucial role in facilitating the launch and growth of groups in the Grapevine network. In order to sustain our efforts in creating new groups, we allocate 50% of your first donation to support our nonprofit organization, the Grapevine Giving Foundation.

This approach ensures that our foundation receives crucial funding while fostering the growth and development of new groups within our network.

Learn More about Grapevine Giving Foundation

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