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Allison Bradshaw
Allison Bradshaw
Staff Attorney at the MS Senate
Sep 14, 2023

Nonprofit Nominations

Good afternoon ladies!

Happy Thursday and welcome to our second quarter! It is time to start thinking about what nonprofits we want to support with the funds we collect this quarter.

I would like to get starting early so that we can come to a decision at least a month before quarter close. Hopefully this will help raise donations because we will have more time to advertise which nonprofit we are collecting money on the behalf of.

Please go ahead and get your nominations in so that we can come to a decision earlier! The nomination window will close Thursday October 12th!

I look forward to seeing what awesome nonprofits you ladies nominate!

Nominations closed as of: 10/12/2023

Grapevine Giving
Allison Bradshaw

This nomination is brought to us by Ms. Dee!

The SHE Project seeks to empower black girls and women to become change agents in their community. I am not familiar with this organization, but from looking at their website and socials, it looks like they are very active with mentoring the girls and encouraging hard work, education, and entrepreneurialism.

I look forward to hearing more and learning about how Jackson Women for Good can support this awesome nonprofit!

She Project Inc.

She Project Inc.
Clinton, MS

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